Who are we ?

Our mission

Particip-Action is an association under the 1901 law which supports or designs any event to promote citizen participation associated with debates and deliberation, organizes, animates and produces citizen dialogues in connection with all questions of general interest of our time and in relation with the common goods of humanity :

  • The design and organization of a framework conducive to involvement, exchanges, deliberation and the joint production of proposals, in France, in Europe and around the world.
  • Support for participatory approaches, ensuring the inclusion of all audiences.
  • Support for local authorities to create the conditions for dialogue, encourage collective reflection and formulate proposals in the general interest.
  • The promotion, the networking of actors, associations, foundations or collectives in the aforementioned fields of action.
  • The establishment of protocols to create and bring to life spaces for debate and the appropriate tools necessary for the activation of collective intelligence and the formulation of proposals.

Our Team

Antoine Anderson

Jacques Archimbaud

Michel Crunenberg

Judith Ferrando Y Puig

Thierry Lepesant

Patrice Levallois

Yves Mathieu

Nathalie Meusy

Fran├žois Mouterde

Maryvonne Pietri

Antoine Vergne

Our ethical charter

We, members of the board of directors of Particip-Action, have adopted an ethical charter that affirms the values that animate us, the principles that guide our action as well as the commitments and good practices that we intend to respect.

Our desire was to organize this charter according to the different pillars that structure the Corporate Social Responsibility, which makes sense in view of the issues dealt with by Particip-Action in synergy with the evolutions of our modern societies.

Read the charter (in french)