Our support

A know-how, an original approach

We provide know-how and know-how in terms of design, creativity, analysis and an original approach in understanding the societal and environmental issues of the moment: planetary limits, health, food safety , the production of knowledge, the promotion of cultural pluralism and a culture of peace.

Concretely, our support:

  • Is led by a team of experienced practitioners who design, organize and produce processes and events in the service of citizen participation and deliberative democracy.
  • Within a structure, at the heart of a large network of actors who work with many stakeholders (public, private, local, international, etc.).
  • With the desire to promote collective intelligence to understand the theme concerned and bring out proposals and potential solutions to best respond to the issues raised.
  • To carry out citizen participatory events, from the local to the global level.
  • To evaluate your project upstream and downstream to ensure its follow-up and its impact.

A network of international partners

National and international space agencies

The network of Ocean actors at national and global level

The network of national and European institutions and actors in the field of transnational cooperation

The scientific and research world

Foundations and structures related to climate and the environment