Our vision

Apprehend the questions

that feed the multifaceted and multifactorial crises and whose issues are opportunities to build more robust and sustainable responses, to imagine promising actions on an individual and collective level.

Projecting ourselves collectively

and transmit the creative energy by "acting together", promote consultation and deliberation for the greatest number in order to move towards a fairer and more equitable society which concretely adapts our values in terms of human rights and a preserved and restored environment.

Take and make aware

of our belonging to a whole where each action has a multiplier effect on different scales of time and space.

Accept that decision-making

concerted and debated upstream makes more and more sense and legitimacy when it recognizes its rightful place to those who are directly concerned.

Take into account and promote

the voice of citizens, by conferring on it all its legitimacy, strengthens citizenship at the local and global level, with the assistance of our multidisciplinary team and the contribution of all the skills useful for the realization of our missions.